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Fund List
Morgan Stanley Investment Funds
Asia Opportunity Fund
Asian Property Fund
China A-shares Fund
China Equity Fund
Counterpoint Global Fund
Developing Opportunity Fund
Emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa Equity Fund
Emerging Leaders Equity Fund
Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Fund
Emerging Markets Debt Fund
Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund
Emerging Markets Equity Fund
Emerging Markets Fixed Income Opportunities Fund
Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity Fund
Euro Bond Fund
Euro Corporate Bond Fund
Euro Corporate Bond – Duration Hedged Fund
Euro Strategic Bond Fund
Europe Opportunity Fund
European Fixed Income Opportunities Fund
European High Yield Bond Fund
European Property Fund
Global Active Factor Equity Fund
Global Asset Backed Securities Fund
Global Balanced Defensive Fund
Global Balanced Fund
Global Balanced Income Fund
Global Balanced Risk Control Fund of Funds
Global Balanced Sustainable Fund
Global Bond Fund
Global Brands Equity Income Fund
Global Brands Fund
Global Convertible Bond Fund
Global Credit Fund
Global Endurance Fund
Global Fixed Income Opportunities Fund
Global High Yield Bond Fund
Global Infrastructure Fund
Global Infrastructure Unconstrained Fund
Global Insight Fund
Global Multi-Asset Income Fund
Global Multi-Asset Opportunities Fund
Global Opportunity Fund
Global Permanence Fund
Global Property Fund
Global Quality Fund
Global Sustain Fund
Indian Equity Fund
International Equity (ex US) Fund
Japanese Equity Fund
Latin American Equity Fund
Liquid Alpha Capture Fund
Multi-Asset Risk Control Fund
Real Assets Fund
Saudi Equity Fund
Short Maturity Euro Bond Fund
Sustainable Asian Equity Fund
Sustainable Euro Corporate Bond Fund
Sustainable Euro Strategic Bond Fund
US Active Factor Equity Fund
US Advantage Fund
US Dollar Corporate Bond Fund
US Dollar High Yield Bond Fund
US Dollar Short Duration Bond Fund
US Dollar Short Duration High Yield Bond Fund
US Growth Fund
US Insight Fund
US Permanence Fund
US Property Fund