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Morgan Stanley Investment Funds
China A-shares Fund BH (EUR)
Share class description
ISIN CodeLU1735752542
Name of fund (or sub-fund) including classChina A-shares Fund BH (EUR)
Name of UmbrellaMorgan Stanley Investment Funds
Date of last revision to the Fund Processing Passport2021/12/04
Specific information available in FPP annexes for the following countriesN/A
Countries where the fund is registered for distributionIT LU SG
Valuation frequencyDAIL
Description of valuation frequencyDAIL
Number of decimals for prices2
Historic or forward pricingFORW
Base currencyUSD
Management Company
NameMSIM Fund Management (Ireland) Limited
AddressThe Observatory, 7-11 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2, D02VC42, Dublin, Ireland
Telephone+353 1 799 8777
Fund Order Desk Identification
NameRBC Investor Services Bank S.A.
Address14, Porte de France, L-4360, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Telephone+352 2605 9782
Fax+352 24 60 99 02
Unit/share Identification
Physical bearerN/A
Dematerialized bearerN/A
Physical registeredNO
Dematerialized registeredYES
Subscription forms required for each subsequent investment of the client through the main Fund Order DeskNO
Number of decimals for units/shares3
Single or dual pricingSING
Price publication currenciesEUR
Subscription & redemption currenciesEUR
Holding Restrictions
Holding transferableYES
Initial subscription minimum value0 USD
Subsequent subscription minimum value0 USD
Minimum holding value0 USD
Minimum holding periodFrequent trading is against the policy and monitored
Subscriptions Information
Application required for the initial investment of the clientYES
Signature for the initial investmentORIGINAL
Signature for each subsequent investmentORIGINAL
Dealing frequency for subscriptionsDAIL
Description of dealing frequency for subscriptionsDAIL
Subscription period for "limited issue" fundsN/A
Subscription amount in valueYES
Subscription amount in units/sharesYES
Initial subscription minimum units/shares0 share
Subsequent subscription minimum units/shares0
Minimum holding of units/shares0
Dealing cut-off time for subscriptions13:00 CET
Settlement cycle for subscriptionsT+3
Redemptions Information
Redemption form requiredNO
Signature for redemptionORIGINAL
Dealing frequency for redemptionsDAIL
Description of dealing frequency for redemptionsDAIL
Redemption period for "limited redemption" fundsN/A
Redemption amount in valueYES
Redemption amount in units/sharesYES
Maximum redemption value0
Maximum redemption units/shares0
Other redemption restrictionsRefer to Fund Order Desk
Dealing cut-off time for redemptions13:00 CET
Settlement cycle for redemptionsT+3
Income accumulationYES
Cash distributionNO
Distribution with reinvestmentNO
Dividend frequencyN/A
Reinvestment frequencyN/A
Front-end loadNO
Back-end loadYES
Switching feeYES
Settlement details #1EUR: J.P. Morgan AG, Frankfurt SWIFT: CHASDEFX; For further credit to: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank London SWIFT: CHASGB2L, IBAN: GB57CHAS60924223315402; Wire cut-off (electronic): 03.45pm CET on SD
Settlement details #2GBP: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank London SWIFT: CHASGB2L; CHAPS: sort code 609242; IBAN: GB73CHAS60924223315405; Wire cut-off (electronic): 04.00pm CET on SD
Settlement details #3JPY: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Tokyo; SWIFT: CHASJPJT; For further credit to: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank London SWIFT: CHASGB2L,IBAN: GB30CHAS60924223315403; Wire cut-off (electronic): 11.00am CET on SD-1
Settlement details #4USD: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NY; SWIFT: CHASUS33; ABA 021000021, For further credit to: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank London SWIFT: CHASGB2L, IBAN: GB84CHAS60924223315401; Wire cut-off (electronic): 06.00pm CET on SD
Settlement details #5Other currencies: refer to Fund Order desk
Subject to the EU Saving DirectiveN/A